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Our Story


T-Line is a Qatari brand whose designs focus on continuous creativity in colors and fabrics. The designer is inspired by the elements of nature and showcases it in modern designs that are in line with reality in a trendy modest way.

There are various collections of designs that can be worn for different occasions, and they are all made of high-quality fabrics. We take care of the finest details to create designs that will make you remarkable from others.

Our Collections

  • The Primary collection for T-Line “Two-side”, They are abayas made to be worn in five different styles and have different colors (Basic colors-Tiger print)
  • Our Flowery collection which is inspired by roses and flowers like (Tulip-Laender-Yarrow-Narcissus-Jasmine), and it’s a collection that has been carefully embroidered with distinctive letters and colors.
  • Our Zigzag Collection which is inspired by sea waves.